3D Artist: I'm an all-rounder with more than eight years of high-end commercial work experience. I enjoy all aspects of 3D work. I specialize in rigging, animation, modeling/texturing, problem solving and pipeline development.

Supervision: On set supervision of visual effects shots and managing the studio for the duration of the 3D schedule, pipeline design and implementation, quality control, research and development.

Pre-Production: Storyboarding, FX design and development. Character design and development, animatics and Pre-viz as well as planning complex shoots for specific visual effects.


  • Softimage|XSI 6.5

  • Softimage|XSI Compositor

  • Syflex cloth

  • Adobe Photoshop cs3

  • Zbrush 3.1

  • Adobe After FX cs3

  • Adobe Illustrator cs3

  • Adobe Premiere cs3

  • Boujou 4

  • Vue 6

  • Realflow 4



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